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Justine Lafaye

I’m not sure if anyone’s reading this anymore, our trip is over, but don’t know quite where else to write.

We found out today that Justine, the sweet woman we stayed with when we arrived in Paris in October, died in an accident on February the 6th.

Justine was the perfect beginning to that chapter in our lives. Suddenly materialized in a country where everything was a puzzle to us, the language, the food in the grocery stores and the geography and the manners, she provided a calm and upbeat entree into not just our vacation and France, but our traveling culture. She introduced us to her friends, walked the city us, poked into art galleries with us, cooked with us, taught us French, let us teach her English, and, that rarest of things in a new friend, was comfortable being silent with us.

She had a simple bravery (example: inviting two perfect strangers to live in her apartment), a demure passion, an unassuming openness.

Nothing about grief is easy, but I feel especially adrift in mourning her, because of the way she passed through our lives and we through hers. To their eternal loss, no one here in Seattle knew her, so we have nobody to remember her with, no one to shoulder the sadness with us.

We lit a candle in Seattle for you. And we will miss you.

Justine Lafaye

More pictures of Justine here. Our blog posts about her here here, and here.

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  1. neas Says:


  2. finas Says:

    Jsute to let you know that Jsutine was exactly the same at work !
    She was smilley at any time, and asked anytime about everyone, but didn’t talk about her.
    She was totaly open minded and focus to the other, and not talking about her.
    Very generous person by her big heart however i dint’t knew very well because i worked just a couple of time with her.
    SHe felt that she enjoy working on board eurostar.
    We miss her so much, and we hope that she feel as she wanted now in the other ” world”.
    I pray for you Justine.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I was also a good colleague of Justine and I can tell you that everybody in the company is very very sad. Nobody could imagine that. She was so nice, so smiley and funny all the time.I will especially remember her sense of humour.Today it’s hard, but we have to keep in mind that we are lucky to have known Justine.
    Thank you Jordan & Michelle for your blog.

  4. Jordan Says:

    Thanks to those who have mailed and left comments. Hearing from others who knew her has been very comforting .

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Me too I was a colleague of Justine and I’m also very sad of what happened to her. She was so sweet and in a good mood all the time and at the same time quiet and understanding.
    Thank you very much for your blog and what you’ve shared with her in Paris. It was very interesting and touching.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I’m Noé, one of her two brothers (Noé & Lucas Lafaye).
    I’ve found your blog and messages searching in her mail boxes….
    Me my brother and familly do not understand yet why she decided to leave us. We didn’t see anything.

    Were ‘re quiete touched by all those words and pieces of life that anyone can tell about Justine. Thank you all.

    Jordan, please contact me using her mail.
    leave me a phone number.
    I’ll give you mine.

    Noé Lafaye

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hello,I was a collegue of Justine & I’m thinking about her every day. She was always smiling & sweet.I miss her so much. Thank you for your blog Jordan, i start to cry again when I saw her pictures. it’s too hard….

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Merci d’avoir laisser une petite place dans votre blog pour Juju, vos commentaires et ces quelques photos d’elle.
    Personnellement je n’ai connu Justine que enfant ou adolescente. Je n’ai pas eu l’occasion hélas de la connaître femme. Je retrouve dans tous vos commentaires ce qu’elle était déjà il y a 15 ans, joyeuse, souriante, serviable, passionnée… et aimant les gens tout simplement.

    Aujourd’hui je pense que nous ne nous aimons pas suffisament pour savoir aimer les autres. Il faut savoir prendre le temps, non seulement pour soit mais aussi pour les gens qu’on aime et qui nous entourent.
    Nous regardons tous les jours ce qui se passe dans le monde à travers un petit écran sans pour autant porter attention à la personne qui est assise à coté de nous et c’est bien triste…
    C’est juste mon constat sur la société dans laquelle nous vivons tous, ne le prenez pas pour vous.

    Amitiés à tous,

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I used to work with Justine until november, I left Paris because I was myself so depressed that I had to leave. Once in 2002, my boyfriend hanged himself, in 2005, I tried myself using plenty of pills (stayed a week n hospital) and now Justine. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen all this before but I saw that something was wrong, but I thought “I need to help myself first before trying to help others” and I can tell you it’s very hard for me to realise that it’s seems that I was the only one around her to see Justine sad inside herself and to know that I decided to be selfish to stay alive myself is awful for me.
    Knowing quite a lot about suicide I’d like to say to everyone and especially her family that they can’t blame theirselves for not having seen her “spleen”. It’s “normal” because someone who wants to die, wants also everyone around him (her) not to worry for himself (herself). So please everyone don’t blame yourself, Justine surely didn’t mean that when she did what she did. (Believe me)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I wanted also to add that it is not because someone always smile with everyone that everything is fine in her life. Trust me! The People who will recognize me will not believe what happened to me before (because I told very few collegues) because they will tel you that is not possible because I always smile!!!
    That is absolutely the only mistake that most people do!!
    Smiling and be nice with others doesn’t mean feeling great!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Just (or “la petite” the small) that’s the nickname for her in Grenoble…
    She was our best friend to Damien (my husband) and me Anne)and the 3rd daughter for my mother…
    I’m so sad and I don’t realise what happened yet .. I don’t believe it. She was my best friend and i didn’t see anything.
    I met her in London during our year there to improve our english. Without her i should go back home after a month.
    But she shown me the good things of London and told me stop complain and take avantage of this beautiful town.
    After that she lived in Grenoble but it was to hard and she came back to Paris.
    I used to see her in Grenoble for each birthday (mine and my husband) and once per year in Paris or Grenoble for a couple of day.
    I saw her for last time in Grenoble for her birthday the 17th january. We have celebrate it with 4 friends of us she seemed to be very happy…
    I was pregnant that’s why she came cos she would like to see me with my “big belly” like she told me… I was in my 8 months and she told me in SMS in will come back in a month to see your daughter but she didn’t have time i’m so sad. She liked a lot babys and she will never know mine…
    I give to my daughter Maya, Justine as second name. She will have a month tomorow…
    We’re going to do a blog with photo as well when we gonna have more time but now it’s too hard with our daughter…
    I’m so sorry for my bad english but i loose a lot….
    Thanks a lot for your blog
    Anne Damien & Maya

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I forgot to let you my email adress in case of …

  13. Anonymous Says:

    You can go to our blog :

    Anne, Maya et Dams

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